All C Series Pumps are NOT created equal

The Ampco AC/AC+ Series of centrifugal pumps continue to lead the category in reliability and durability.

The AC/AC+ features a simple and easy to maintain sanitary design. With wetted parts constructed from 316L stainless steel, the AC/AC+ is corrosion resistant, 3A Certified for sanitary use and offers performance and reliability at a cost-effective price. And because all AC/AC+ Series pumps are designed to the original C Series standard, parts and complete pumps are both hydraulically and dimensionally interchangeable with other manufacturers’ pumps. So upgrade your C Series pump today to the standard for excellence, the Ampco AC/AC+.

The AC+ takes the best of the AC Series pump, and adds engineering innovation to the shaft design for better stability and increased performance. The simple yet ingenious design modifications of the threaded impeller nut and clamped stub shaft takes the traditional C Series and increases its reliability and clean-ability. The advanced shaft design of the AC+ reduces vibration, increases seal life and eliminates the less sanitary impeller pin design of the traditional C Series. While the pump enhancements mirror more expensive counterparts, Ampco remains committed to providing advancements at economical prices.

Built from 316L stainless steel – including stainless steel backplate, impeller, and stub shaft along with 304 SS adapters – the AC/AC+ Series is a true centrifugal workhorse.

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AC/AC+ Series
 Pump Features

  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • 304 Stainless Steel Adapters are Standard
  • AC+ Shaft Design Adds Value and Durability
  • Ease of Assembly and Maintenance
  • Tri-Clamp Connections

AC/AC+ Series Snapshot

Models:  10
Max Inlet Pressure:  60 PSI / 4 BAR
Max Flow Rate:  1100 GPM / 250 m3/hr
Max Viscosity:  1200 cP
Seal Specifications:  4 Seal Options  

AC/AC+/IC+ Brochure
Sanitary Line Brochure

Pumps in Action

3A certified and simple to maintain, the AC/AC+ Series pumps are capable of flow rates as high as 920 GPM/209 m3/hr. Originally designed for use in dairies, the AC Series is experiencing extraordinary growth in several new industry applications.

AC/AC+ Series Advantages

  • AC/AC+ Parts are 100% Interchangeable with Competing Brands
  • AC+ has a Unique Shaft Design Comparable to Competitor’s More Expensive Models
  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction and Stainless Steel Adapters are Standard
  • Optional NPT or Flange Connections
  • Low Cost
  • One week Standard Delivery
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Flexibility in Seal Options

Ampco’s AC/AC+ Series centrifugal pumps have four varieties of available standard seal specifications to meet the needs of your specific sanitary application

Type D Seal

Type D External Balanced Seal

Multi-purpose seal designed for long service life, and built to withstand acidic and corrosive products.

Type DG Seal

Type DG Seal/Seat

Utilizes Type D rotating seal to be paired with either a silicon carbide, ceramic or tungsten carbide stationary seal seat for maximum corrosion-resistance from abrasive or non-lubricating products.

Type E Seal

Type E Water Cooled Double Seal

Seal cooling and lubrication is enhanced by a water flush. Water or other media supplied by a source or seal pot aids seal longevity in vacuum, abrasive, or sticky product transfer up to 212° F/ 100C.

Type 21 Seal

John Crane Type 21 Industrial Seal

The TYPE 21 industrial elastomer bellows seal has the largest install base in the world. This simple, yet functional design is widely available and is a great choice for an array of industrial products.
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Available Models

Model # Curves 1450 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 114 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 214 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 216 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 316 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 218 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 318 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 328 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 428 Curves - 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 4410 Curves 1450 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet
AC/AC+ 6410 Curves 1450 1750 2900 3500 Data Sheet