Technical Data Sheets & Curves

Curves are critical to fully understanding pump capabilities and reading a pump curve can be a daunting task for those with limited experience in fluid processing. Fortunately, Ampco has a highly experienced team of application engineers to assist you with this process, in addition to technical worksheets such as “How to Read a Pump Curve.”

If you have further questions regarding the capabilities or specifications of any of the Ampco Pump products, please contact our Inside Sales department to assist you.

Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump Curves

Series Curves
ZP3 Series ZP3 Curves
ZP2 Series ZP2 Curves
ZP1 /ZP1+ Series ZP1 Curves
AL Series AL Curves

Sanitary Centrifugal Pump Data Sheets and Curves

Series Curves Data Sheets
AC/AC+ Series AC/AC+ Curves AC/AC+ Data Sheets
LC/LD/LF Series L Curves L Data Sheets
LH Series LH Curves LH Data Sheets
LME Series LME Curves LME Data Sheets
M Series M Curves M Data Sheets
SP Series SP Curves SP Data Sheets
SBI Series SBI Curves -

Marine / Industrial Pump Data Sheets and Curves

Series Curves Data Sheets
D Series D Curves D Data Sheets
E Series E Curves E Data Sheets
IC+ Series IC+ Curves IC+ Data Sheets
K Series K Curves K Data Sheets
R Series R Curves R Data Sheets
Z Series Z Curves Z Data Sheets
ZPE01 Series ZPE01 Curves ZPE01 Data Sheets
AL Industrial Series AL Industrial Curves -