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“Best in Class” Positive Displacement Pumps

For nearly a decade, Ampco Pumps has been engineering, manufacturing and perfecting its positive displacement pump technology for global distribution.

As a company, Ampco Pumps is dedicated to continuous improvement and enhancement of its PD pumps to ensure customers have the most efficient pump for their processing need. Every application requires variances to achieve the best product delivery. Ampco is committed to evolving with our partner industries to stay ahead of the curve.

In an ever-changing global landscape, product efficiency, consistency, and most importantly, uptime are critical success factors. With Ampco Pumps, you’ll get “Best in Class” positive displacement pumps – all manufactured with a 304 stainless steel gearcase in two weeks or less.

Ampco’s pumps are engineered to exacting specifications to be completely interchangeable with the most popular installed pump base – with faster delivery and always competitively priced.

Extensive Choices

Ampco has an abundant portfolio of positive displacement pump models to meet a wide range of performance capacities, pressures and viscosities. From low-to-high flow, pressure, and viscosity, Ampco has the pump you need.

Product Customization

With a dedicated R&D staff of talented engineers at the ready, Ampco is able to tailor positive displacement pumps for applications requiring additional customization to meet even the most stringent application specs.

Commitment to Excellence

At Ampco, we strive to be on the cutting edge. Ampco promises to deliver top tier positive displacement pumps for sanitary applications – when, how and where they’re needed. Customer service drives our ongoing commitment to product excellence.
Ampco ZP Series Positive Displacement Pumps serve as a “drop-in” replacement for competing sanitary positive displacement pumps – and have a highly attractive price point.
Model Front Loading Seal CIP-able High Speed High Pressure Multiple Rotor Styles Remanufacturable
ZP3 Series
ZP1 Series
ZP1+ Series
ZP2 Series
AL Series
SLH Series

* only with modifications and adders
**dual duty pump / CIP return pump

ZP3Ampco Pumps offers three distinct series of positive displacement pumps. All are manufactured and come standard with a 304 stainless steel gearcase and bearing retainers – a customer benefit for enhanced product durability.

  • Ampco’s best-selling ZP Series Pumps features front-runner and patented ZP3 with front loading seal and full CIP-ability with no loss of efficiency.
  • The AL Series Rotary Lobe Pumps are well suited for viscous liquids, heavy solids, and abrasive products.
  • Bornemann SLH Twin Screw Pump Series is fully CIP-able, capable of bi-directional flow and speeds up to 3,000 rpm.

Beyond the stainless steel gearcase and bearing retainers, each ZP Series pump comes standard with with many additional features. 17-4ph stainless steel shafts, helical gears for smooth operation increasing longevity, 4-way mounting pads, and gasketed clean out plugs just to name a few.


Ampco’s positive displacement pumps are capable of handling a wide range of capacities from 0.1 to 850 gpm/193 m3/h, pressures up to 500 psi/34 BAR, and viscosities from 1 to 1,000,000 centipoise (cP). That’s why Ampco Pumps are desirable for even the toughest applications such as chocolate, and cosmetic creams and lotions.

All Ampco positive displacement pumps are in compliance with 3-A Sanitary Standards. Plus, the AL and ZP3 Series’ pumps are EHEDG certified.

Premium Economy Pumps are Ampco’s remanufactured circumferential pumps engineered to new product specifications.

These remanufactured pumps are available in Ampco’s constantly evolving inventory in three locations, Milwaukee, WI, Stockton, CA and Herxheim, Germany. These pumps are ready for immediate delivery at a cost savings to customers who want a high-end, premium pump at an economical price. Average savings is 30%. See the current inventory of PE pumps.

The Ampco remanufacturing process guarantees that all Premium Economy Pumps are brought to “new pump performance” standards. Additionally, remanufactured pumps receive Ampco standard upgrades (except stainless steel gearcase), are water tested, and carry a one-year same as new warranty.

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Bakery – Dough, fats, fruit filling, icing, oil, yeast

Beverages – Beer, fruit concentrate, fruit juices, mash, wine

Confectionary – Chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup, gelatin, sugar

Canned Foods – Tomatoes, baby food, jams, jellies, mayonnaise, potato salad, pudding, relish, stews

Cosmetics – Creams, emulsions, jellies, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste

Dairy – Butter, cream, curds, ice cream, margarine, milk, soft cheese, yogurt

Dressings – Mayonnaise, other sauces, ketchup

Flavorings – Concentrates, syrups

Meats – Broth, fats, gelatin, pet foods, sausage fillings

Processing chocolate?

Ampco stocks chocolate clearance rotors.