Ampco ZP Series

The new standard in Positive Displacement Pumps.  Ampco’s ZP3 Series positive displacement pumps are the best value in the industry.

They are designed with improved CIP-ability and ease of maintenance.

The smart choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ampco 20 yr logo rev 1


Ampco AL Series

ALSeriesAll Ampco AL Series pumps include a standard stainless steel gear case.

The AL Series is well suited for a variety of applications including food, dairy,
beverage and pharmaceutical.

AL Series rotary lobe pumps are an economical alternative to rotary piston pumps
in certain applications.  AL pumps offer a standard stainless steel gear case and
a front loading seal design with superior CIP-ability and ease of maintenance.

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Marine and Industrial Centrifugal Pumps


Heavy-wall construction with tight
manufacturing tolerances.

High-efficiency design with fully-shrouded,
dynamically-balanced impellers.    Close-coupled on JM, 56J, IEC frame motors.      ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) design approval available.

Capacities from 5-3000 GPM, 1-680 m3

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L Series Pump

LF pumpHigh efficiency centrifugal pumps to meet all of your sanitary requirements.

Applications include: beverages, candy, CIP, cosmetics, dairy processing,
oils, cologne and pharmaceuticals.

Ampco’s LC pumps offer 100% parts interchangeablilty with competing
brands plus the added value of Ampco’s standard upgrades, fast delivery
and outstanding customer service.

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Ampco Applied Products

AAP powder mixers combine maximum efficiency with a portable, ergonomically designed table top unit.  The even flow of liquid created by AAP’s SP liquid ring pump ensures product is mixed consistently from batch to batch.

The SBH shear blender runs at high speed to continuously mix the fluid and powder and provide a superior end product.

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ZC2 Series Pumps

Ampco’s heavy duty, high efficiency Z Series pumps with 150# ANSI flanges are available from stock in three alloys – nickel aluminum bronze, 316 stainless steel and duplex 2205 stainless steel.

These close-coupled pumps are designed for JM motor frames and offer flows up to 3000 GPM.  Our application engineers will help select the right alloy for your application.  All Z Series pumps have ABS design approval.


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AC / AC+ Series

Ampco’s AC / AC+ series of sanitary centrifugal ACplus pumppumps are 100% interchangeable with other brands, offer 316 stainless steel construction and low capital costs.

In addition the AC+ shaft design is the most significant improvement in the traditional “C Series” pump in over a quarter century.


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The patented ZP3 Series positive displacement pump is a better choice for sanitary food and beverage processing because only the ZP3 is fully CIP-able without modifications, and without loss of pump efficiency.