A food processor operating multiple plants in the Midwest has made the switch.

Plant number one is familiar with Ampco’s ZP3 positive displacement pumps having several installed.  Plant number two processes a different food product and was using dated technology offered by a competing PD pump manufacturer.

Based on recommendations and successful installations at plant one and a simple presentation showing the advantages the ZP3 product provides; changes were made at plant two.

Major factors contributing to the changes are, true CIP-ablity with no loss of efficiency, significant maintenance savings due to the patented front-loading seal design, and unmatched delivery times.  Ampco delivers new PD pumps in 2 weeks or less and stocks one of the largest OEM parts inventories in the industry.  Competing brands cannot match the level of service, features and benefits offered by Ampco and the patented ZP3.

Since converting plant number two, Ampco has been successfully installing ZP Series pumps in several additional facilities domestically and abroad.

It’s simple; Ampco provides a superior product at a significant savings.