A local Brewery in Kentucky recently purchased Ampco’s ROLEC DH90 to safely induce hops.  Previously the brewery struggled to add hops via a scissors lift or ladder on slanted floors; now a thing of the past.  They are very pleased with unit and the benefits it has provided with quicker fermentation times and great tasting beer.

While the unit was originally designed by Ampco for safety, most brewers have found the DH90 beneficial for several other tasks.  This Kentucky brewery found the unit to be perfect not only for hops but also for inducing very thick flavorings like strawberry and blackberry purees.  Prior to the DH90 a very slow pump was used to add these flavorings into the stream of beer. The ROLEC DH-90 efficiently incorporates the flavors into the beer in less time with better flavor profiles by utilizing the chopping effect of the inline SBI Shear Blender technology.

Another advantage found by the brewery is the ability to use the unit as a simple transfer pump.  They feel they have gained a great tool and a new pump in the plant.