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Reduce Time and Enhance your Blend

Ampco’s PM Systems encompass a line of products designed to mix and blend powders with liquids efficiently while improving the texture and dispersion of the finished product.  From the most powerful and dynamic POWDER-max to the most simple SIMPLE-blend, Ampco Applied Products team can customize the system best suited for your application. 

Easy to disperse products like sugar, powder and flavorings requiring less shear can be mixed very efficiently with the DRY-blend or SIMPLE-blend Systems. More challenging products such as carbopol, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, finished hummus and more can all be effectively blended with Ampco’s POWDER-max or SHEAR-blend Systems.

Ampco Pumps mixing and blending systems are serving industries world-wide including; food and beverage, chemical, health and beauty, bio-pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

All PM systems are sanitary and 3A Certified.  Trials, rental and leasing options are available. More info

Ampco Applied Products are extremely versatile with a wide range of customization options… and always engineered to exacting specifications.


Beverages – Energy drinks, tea, fruit juice, vegetable juice, coffee blends

Dairy – Yogurt, sour cream, ice cream mix, flavored milk, eggnog, pudding

Food – Salad dressing, salsa, hot sauce, mayonnaise, pizza sauce, ketchup and mustard

Personal Care – Toothpaste, lotion, cream, shampoo and conditioner, body wash

Thickeners – Gum, pectin, starch, gelatin

Ingredients and Additives – Aspartame, non-fat dry milk, salt, citric acid, sugar, egg powder, whey protein concentrate, calcium carbonate, honey, powder flavoring

Bio-Pharmaceutical – Cough syrup, ointment, lotion, vitamin drink, contact solution, coatings,
fertilizers, paints, herbicides, ink and dye compounds

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