Ampco Pumps Company introduces the JET-shear in-tank mixer to the Ampco Applied Products mixing and blending line.

The JET-shear in-tank mixer offers interchangeable stainless steel work heads that are designed for 3A and CIP. The JET-shear can be used in open and closed tanks, drums or tote processing up to 1000 gallons/ 3785 liters. The maximum working shaft is 96 inches/ 2440cm and can be mounted in several configurations. This durable mixer is designed with a stainless steel bearing housing and can be equipped with up to a 30hp motor.

Typical applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial industries: agitate, de-agglomeration, disperse, dissolve, emulsify, eliminate fisheyes, homogenize, process acceleration and particle reduction.

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